Yankees: Got Melk?

What a great game last night!

  • Jeter hits a nice homer
  • Gardner gets an in-the-park home run
  • Melky wins the game with a walk-off single

Nathan intentionally walked Cano to get to Melky for the last out, but Melky hit a nice outfield single to score two runs and win the game. Now, where’s all of the people who were crying “trade Melky” earlier in the season? He’s really turned it around so far and done well for the team — this is his second walk-off of the year (first was the walk-off homer on Apr 22).

On the bad side, Damon getting ejected was pathetic. The calls on both at-bats were definitely off; the first one was over the belt and crossed the batter’s box line — how was that a strike? To be fair, calls were bad for both teams. But why would you toss somebody for arguing calls? Damon never touched the ump and he was ejected very quickly — maybe he hurt the ump’s feelings or something…

Also, we really didn’t look that sharp at the plate, but we never gave up and won it in the ninth. A win is a win — take it anyway you can get it! 🙂

The season thus far…

This has been an interesting season so far.

  • CC had a rough start but has played better lately
  • AJ Burnett has been awesome! Nearly had a no-hitter against Tampa Bay.
  • Ditto for Tex!
  • Nady may be out for the year…not good!
  • Swisher has had a great season thus far; he’s really fun to watch. With Nady being out, that should give Swisher more playing time.
  • Wang…well, that has been rough to watch. I’m hoping he can turn it around soon.
  • What’s up with our bullpen? We spent a lot of money on pitchers this year and the bullpen has let us down. Ok, Bruney has pitched pretty well. But today’s game was painful! (gotta love it when the crowd started chanting “we want Swisher!” to pitch!:))
  • Melky has gotten some playing time; hasn’t done too bad.
  • Gardner is still fun to watch. 🙂

I’m hoping that we can figure out our bullpen and Wang can get back to normal soon. This good still be a great season!

A-Rod: my two cents

I suppose I ought to comment on the A-Roid scandle — everybody else is! 🙂

I was disappointed to hear about A-Rod testing positive during a test in 2003; I’d hoped that he could have remained clean and surpassed Aaron’s record without any hint of juicing, but that’s out of the question now.

Here’s the thing that bothers me most about this whole thing: he (along with 103 other players) tested positive in an anonymous test in 2003. The test was designed to see how big the steroid problem was in MLB; it was a successful test — 95% of the players tested negative, but the positive number was large enough that strict penalties were put into place in 2004.

The test results were supposed to be destroyed immediately, but our government (with nothing better to do, apparently) confiscated the records. MLB has fought to regain them but has failed in the courts (*shock surprise!*)

Out of 104 players, A-Rod’s was the only results leaked; perhaps not coincidentally, the reporter breaking the story has a book coming out about A-Rod later this year. Hmmmm, do I smell a rat?

Should the remaining 103 player’s names be released? On one hand, yes — it isn’t fair to A-Rod. However, I believe that the remaining 103 names shouldn’t be released; 2 wrongs (or 104 wrongs in this case) don’t make it right.

MLB has had a decent drug policy in place since 2004; that has gotten lost in the recent media blitz. Should all players be randomly tested throughout the year? Perhaps; that would help close the book on the so-called “steroid era”.

What do I hope happens as a result of all this? I hope we can move on and get back to baseball, and watch as the Yankees capture our 27th World Series! 🙂

It begins!

Today’s the first spring training game! Woot!

Unfortunately, MLB.tv isn’t carrying it and there is no audio feeds so I won’t see it. But tomorrow’s game will be on MLB.tv! 🙂

Another Yankees acquisition

The Yankees have just signed Mark Teixeira (for an amazing 8-year $108M deal) so we know have a great switch-hitter and a Golden Glove first baseman. I’m sorry to see Giambi go, but if this is his replacement, sweet!

With this last acquisition, we know have a possibly incredible lineup (posted on mlb.com):

1. Johnny Damon LF
2. Derek Jeter SS
3. Alex Rodriguez 3B
4. Mark Teixeira 1B
5. Jorge Posada C
6. Hideki Matsui DH
7. Xavier Nady RF
8. Robinson Cano 2B
9. Brett Gardner CF

I’d like to see Posada catching this year; he’s a great catcher with a good bat, but I’m not sure how healthy he’ll stay. I thought Molina had a great year last year; wonder if he’s still a Yankee?

I’d like to see Melky in center, if his bat improves. Then again, at his lowest, he was still had a better average than Gardner (who is absolutely amazing on the bases).

Man, I can’t wait ’til season starts this year!

Yankees off-season updates

The Yankees have been busy this month. We’ve signed both CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett to help bolster our starting pitching rotation, and it sounds like we are serious about pursuing Mark Teixeira. It also looks like Andy Petitte will be back. But the Moose is gone; Mike announced his retirement in November.

I’m surprised by Sabathia — he wanted to stay in the National League, but I guess the $162 million dollar contract was enough to sway him. 🙂

I’m a bit concerned about Burnett; he has a history of getting injured, but I am hopeful he’ll work out.

With the new additions and Wang and Joba getting healthy, our pitching should do very well next year!

I was afraid Melky was going to be traded to the Brewers, but it looks like that deal has fallen apart. I think Melky is a better player than he showed last year; if you’ll remember, he hit well early in the season and he’s a great outfielder. He is doing well in the Dominican Winter League with a .304 average. So I’m hopeful he’ll be in center field next season. And even if he isn’t, I’ll still wear my “Got Melky?” shirts with pride! 🙂