Are you ready for some football? Apparently not…

I’m having a lot of difficulty getting into football this year. I really enjoyed baseball season and I wasn’t ready for it to end in October (especially with the Yankees out of the postseason). Purdue’s football team has had a rough season and the Colts started out very slow.

Now Purdue’s season will end tomorrow after the IU game and I can’t say that I’m not ready for it to be over. UPDATE: Wow! Purdue wins! 62-10! Where was this team earlier this year? 🙂

Maybe the Colts will start playing better (we’re 6-4 now, I think) so maybe I can salvage part of the season.

I may actually watch college basketball this year; Purdue is supposed to have a good team. I’m not so sure about Kentucky; North Carolina beat up on them pretty good this week.

Is it too early to be ready for baseball season yet? 🙂

Purdue lost to Notre Dame

I wasn’t able to watch the game yesterday, but from the score, it didn’t seem like much of a game to miss.

This season isn’t looking that good; maybe we can turn it around.

The Colts have the weekend off; they can really use it, as they haven’t been playing that well either.

Today’s the last two Yankees games of the season; last night’s game in Boston was postponed, so they are playing a double header today to make it up. I hope today’s games are like Friday’s blowout. Moose is pitching the afternoon game (going for his 20th win of the season) and Ponson is tonight’s pitcher. Here’s hoping for two more good games to take us out of the season the right way.

Even though today marks the end of the season, I think I’ll go back and start watching the games at the beginning of the season on MLB.TV. We were playing much better then, so it’ll make me feel better about this season. It won’t make up for the fact that we missed the playoffs this year, but at least I can try to forget. 🙂

Purdue wins! And so are the Yankees!

Man, that wasn’t a pretty win against Central Michigan, but it was a win!

With Purdue not playing as well as I hoped, and with all of the injuries to the Colts, I’m having a hard time getting into football this year. Maybe it’s because baseball season isn’t over yet. 🙂

This weekend’s the last series to be played in Yankees Stadium; that’s really sad, regardless of how nice the new stadium will be. So far, we’re sweeping the Orioles. And Jeter was able to pass Lou Gehrig’s hit count before the stadium’s torn down. That was nice to see.

Purdue lost to Oregon

Ouch! That was a painful game; we lost in the second overtime.

Purdue looked good in the first quarter but we didn’t do much offensively in the rest of the game. I don’t know whether we got complacent or Oregon started playing better defense, but we didn’t score again until late in the game.

Even with the loss, I’m hopeful for the season. Oregon is a good team and we took them down to the wire. Maybe that bodes well for the rest of the season.