Bass players unite!

I’ve pretty much always been a fan of bass. One of my earliest memories is of hearing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album playing at my Uncle Jim’s house. DSotM has a well-defined bass line, and I remember feeling like it was vibrating inside of me.

When I had just become a teenager, my family went to the Walmart in Jasper and I bought a cassette of Rush’s Fly By Night; Paul told me, “You just wasted your money on that!” — I think that might have been one of the only times I’ve known him to be wrong about something! happy smiley

I became a huge fan of Rush because of that cassette (and the subsequent purchase of Grace Under Pressure. I fondly remember putting on my headphones and getting lost in the music, usually keying on the bass lines. I grew to love Geddy’s style, which I once heard described as “aggressively melodic”.

So it stands to reason I’d eventually start playing bass myself; I’m actually a bit surprised that it took as long as it did for me to start.

I didn’t start playing bass until around 1995 or so. I actually started playing guitar first, in the summer of 1990; I was told that it would be easier to play the bass after learning the guitar first, instead of picking up guitar after bass. That probably is true; I really enjoyed playing guitar, but when I picked up the bass and started learning Rush’s bass lines, I knew I had found “what I’m looking for” (with apologies to U2). winking smiley