It begins!

Today’s the first spring training game! Woot!

Unfortunately, isn’t carrying it and there is no audio feeds so I won’t see it. But tomorrow’s game will be on! 🙂

Another Yankees acquisition

The Yankees have just signed Mark Teixeira (for an amazing 8-year $108M deal) so we know have a great switch-hitter and a Golden Glove first baseman. I’m sorry to see Giambi go, but if this is his replacement, sweet!

With this last acquisition, we know have a possibly incredible lineup (posted on

1. Johnny Damon LF
2. Derek Jeter SS
3. Alex Rodriguez 3B
4. Mark Teixeira 1B
5. Jorge Posada C
6. Hideki Matsui DH
7. Xavier Nady RF
8. Robinson Cano 2B
9. Brett Gardner CF

I’d like to see Posada catching this year; he’s a great catcher with a good bat, but I’m not sure how healthy he’ll stay. I thought Molina had a great year last year; wonder if he’s still a Yankee?

I’d like to see Melky in center, if his bat improves. Then again, at his lowest, he was still had a better average than Gardner (who is absolutely amazing on the bases).

Man, I can’t wait ’til season starts this year!

Yankees off-season updates

The Yankees have been busy this month. We’ve signed both CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett to help bolster our starting pitching rotation, and it sounds like we are serious about pursuing Mark Teixeira. It also looks like Andy Petitte will be back. But the Moose is gone; Mike announced his retirement in November.

I’m surprised by Sabathia — he wanted to stay in the National League, but I guess the $162 million dollar contract was enough to sway him. 🙂

I’m a bit concerned about Burnett; he has a history of getting injured, but I am hopeful he’ll work out.

With the new additions and Wang and Joba getting healthy, our pitching should do very well next year!

I was afraid Melky was going to be traded to the Brewers, but it looks like that deal has fallen apart. I think Melky is a better player than he showed last year; if you’ll remember, he hit well early in the season and he’s a great outfielder. He is doing well in the Dominican Winter League with a .304 average. So I’m hopeful he’ll be in center field next season. And even if he isn’t, I’ll still wear my “Got Melky?” shirts with pride! 🙂

Purdue lost to Notre Dame

I wasn’t able to watch the game yesterday, but from the score, it didn’t seem like much of a game to miss.

This season isn’t looking that good; maybe we can turn it around.

The Colts have the weekend off; they can really use it, as they haven’t been playing that well either.

Today’s the last two Yankees games of the season; last night’s game in Boston was postponed, so they are playing a double header today to make it up. I hope today’s games are like Friday’s blowout. Moose is pitching the afternoon game (going for his 20th win of the season) and Ponson is tonight’s pitcher. Here’s hoping for two more good games to take us out of the season the right way.

Even though today marks the end of the season, I think I’ll go back and start watching the games at the beginning of the season on MLB.TV. We were playing much better then, so it’ll make me feel better about this season. It won’t make up for the fact that we missed the playoffs this year, but at least I can try to forget. 🙂

Purdue wins! And so are the Yankees!

Man, that wasn’t a pretty win against Central Michigan, but it was a win!

With Purdue not playing as well as I hoped, and with all of the injuries to the Colts, I’m having a hard time getting into football this year. Maybe it’s because baseball season isn’t over yet. 🙂

This weekend’s the last series to be played in Yankees Stadium; that’s really sad, regardless of how nice the new stadium will be. So far, we’re sweeping the Orioles. And Jeter was able to pass Lou Gehrig’s hit count before the stadium’s torn down. That was nice to see.