The season thus far…

This has been an interesting season so far.

  • CC had a rough start but has played better lately
  • AJ Burnett has been awesome! Nearly had a no-hitter against Tampa Bay.
  • Ditto for Tex!
  • Nady may be out for the year…not good!
  • Swisher has had a great season thus far; he’s really fun to watch. With Nady being out, that should give Swisher more playing time.
  • Wang…well, that has been rough to watch. I’m hoping he can turn it around soon.
  • What’s up with our bullpen? We spent a lot of money on pitchers this year and the bullpen has let us down. Ok, Bruney has pitched pretty well. But today’s game was painful! (gotta love it when the crowd started chanting “we want Swisher!” to pitch!:))
  • Melky has gotten some playing time; hasn’t done too bad.
  • Gardner is still fun to watch. 🙂

I’m hoping that we can figure out our bullpen and Wang can get back to normal soon. This good still be a great season!

30 Clubs in 30 Days?

Much as I love having MLB Network, they’ve really annoyed me this spring. I’ve tried four times now to watch the 30 Clubs in 30 Days episode about the Yankees, and every single time they have shown another team. Every time it listed the Yankees (on both Comcast’s on-screen guide and on MLB Network’s website) and every time it was somebody else (the Tigers, the Mets, etc).

Personally, I don’t think they had a full show on the Yankees; you can watch a clip of the show on their website (a whopping 1 minute, 15 seconds) and since they haven’t aired the full episode (or at least aired it with the correct guide information), I don’t think it really exists. 😉

Way to drop the ball, MLB! With that and the current problems with MLB.TV’s NexDef plugin, you aren’t looking very prepared for the season, and it started tonight. How about working a little harder, mmmkay?

Good service: MLB?

MLB’s Customer Service is notoriously bad; has a lot of people complaining about overbilling, nobody answering their calls, etc.

I have to change my account for various reasons so I’ve had to call them twice (once in late fall, once last Monday). So far, I’ve got nothing to say about MLB Support except good things. My call was answered immediately by a really nice lady named Melissa (with a great southern accent — made me miss home!) and she was very helpful on fixing my problem. I still need to call again and verify the old account has been deleted, but I do not dread that phone call.

With all of the negative complaints out there, I feel it’s important for me to complement MLB Support. Time will tell if my problem is completely resolved, but so far they’ve treated me well. 🙂

In other news, the new season starts today (woohoo!) but I’m not sure MLB.TV is ready. They’ve moved to a new Flash-based viewer (should now work in Linux!) but the video is very very choppy. There are a ton of people complaining about it on and I’m having the same problems. They’re claiming it’s a problem with our computer not meeting the required specififications (mine does and then some) or a problem with our bandwidth (not! I’m getting 10MB down most times). The problem has something to do with their NextDef plugin. I do believe they are looking into the problem, but because of these issues, I’ll be paying month to month in case they do not get it fixed. I was planning on paying for the whole year up front, but I don’t want to spend $109 on a product that simply isn’t working.

I am hopeful, however; earlier betas worked quite well for me and the picture was excellent. Here’s to hoping they get it resolved soon.

Good bad scifi movies

When I was growing up, I watched a lot of “B” science fiction movies, including Battle Beyond the Stars, Ice Pirates, Krull, and Spacehunter. These movies were pretty bad but fun to watch.

Krull was being shown on Encore this morning; it really is a dreadful movie, but that didn’t stop me from watching it again. 🙂

The SciFi Channel (or now the SyFy Channel *shudder*) should really take a note: it is possible to have bad “B” science fiction movies that are actually watchable. Most of the SyFy movies are pretty bad; I can’t even make it through them. Maybe that’s because they have more horror (or more precisely, gore) than scifi; that seems to be the trend these days. I really don’t like walking into Blockbuster and having to search through all of the horror movies to find a decent scifi movie; wish they’d break them into two different sections.

Having said all that, I’d really like to see Ice Pirates again. 🙂

It was the best of games, it was the worst…

Tuesday night’s WBC game between the USA and Puerto Rico had to have been one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time. The ninth inning comeback was definitely something to remember. Could the USA do it again?

Nope. Last night’s game was painful. Dunn’s bad throw to home started us off on the wrong foot and then the pitching – just how many runs does a pitcher have to give up before a change is made? It was just awful.

But I’m not going to waste time blaming the loss on any specific player; I’m going to “blame it on the rain”.

Good luck getting that song out of your head! 🙂

At least we had already clinched a semifinal spot, so really that game didn’t count for much.

I’m hopeful for the semifinals and finals, but we’ve had so many injury problems (kinda reminds me of last year’s Yankees season.) Now Youkilis is out for the duration; I hated to see that. I gotta admit that I’m a fan of his (and Pedroia too, for that matter). We’ll miss their bats…

A-Rod: my two cents

I suppose I ought to comment on the A-Roid scandle — everybody else is! 🙂

I was disappointed to hear about A-Rod testing positive during a test in 2003; I’d hoped that he could have remained clean and surpassed Aaron’s record without any hint of juicing, but that’s out of the question now.

Here’s the thing that bothers me most about this whole thing: he (along with 103 other players) tested positive in an anonymous test in 2003. The test was designed to see how big the steroid problem was in MLB; it was a successful test — 95% of the players tested negative, but the positive number was large enough that strict penalties were put into place in 2004.

The test results were supposed to be destroyed immediately, but our government (with nothing better to do, apparently) confiscated the records. MLB has fought to regain them but has failed in the courts (*shock surprise!*)

Out of 104 players, A-Rod’s was the only results leaked; perhaps not coincidentally, the reporter breaking the story has a book coming out about A-Rod later this year. Hmmmm, do I smell a rat?

Should the remaining 103 player’s names be released? On one hand, yes — it isn’t fair to A-Rod. However, I believe that the remaining 103 names shouldn’t be released; 2 wrongs (or 104 wrongs in this case) don’t make it right.

MLB has had a decent drug policy in place since 2004; that has gotten lost in the recent media blitz. Should all players be randomly tested throughout the year? Perhaps; that would help close the book on the so-called “steroid era”.

What do I hope happens as a result of all this? I hope we can move on and get back to baseball, and watch as the Yankees capture our 27th World Series! 🙂

It begins!

Today’s the first spring training game! Woot!

Unfortunately, isn’t carrying it and there is no audio feeds so I won’t see it. But tomorrow’s game will be on! 🙂

New AOL Radio channel

AOL Radio has a new channel: Meditation. Very peaceful music, but….it has commercials! There’s nothing quite like falling into peaceful meditation only to be jerked awake by loud commercials! 🙂

I don’t think AOL thought their plan quite through! *laughs*