Star Wars Rebels – Can’t wait for Season 2

I’ve always been a huge Star Wars fan.  And like most fans my age I really didn’t care for the prequels.  I tried to watch the Clone Wars movie but I just couldn’t get into it.  Over time I started liking aspects of the prequels and so I watched a few episodes of the Clone Wars series (up until the episode “Bombad Jedi”, really?)  But for the most part I vastly preferred to spend my time in the Expanded Universe.

And then came Disney…

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Goodbye Comcast, hello Metronet!

I was getting really tired of Comcast’s billing games: service was priced high but you can call in every 6-12 months to get on a new promotion.  And it seems like every time we got on a new promotion something broke like losing the NFL Network or other channels.

I have to say that Comcast’s services are great at least where we live.  We rarely had service outages and while the Internet service did slow down at night it wasn’t too noticeable.  We were on the 50Mbps plan but I routinely only got about 25-30Mbps on average.  Imagine my surprise when Comcast suddenly raised it to 105Mbps and didn’t increase our price.  What could be the reason for that generous increase?

A company out of Evansville, IN named Metronet started rolling out fiber service in our area.  We had somebody stop by the house late last year and asked us if we were interested in switching.  We said “yes!  of course!” but had to wait a couple of months before it was available in our neighborhood.

Installers were on-time and professional.  They did a great job setting up all equipment and running the necessary lines inside the house.  Interestingly we got the “whole house dvr”.  The main dvr box is connected via Ethernet and the boxes for the rest of the televisions are connected wirelessly.

We are saving around $50/month and getting the same level of service as we did with Comcast.  Our internet access is actually much better though; we have the 200Mbps plan but I routinely can hit 350Mbps downloading games from Steam or operating system ISOs.

All in all we are very happy with Metronet.

Good customer service: Comcast

Like other people, I sometimes have issues with Comcast, mainly due to their antiquated billing system — making any change on your account seems to break something else.  On several occasions, making a simple change to our service (like adding HBO, etc) dropped NFL Network and the Sports package.  But when they deliver a good product or service they deserve to get a compliment.

We called them in January to inquire about Xfinity Home Security; our existing security system used copper phone wires for all connectivity and our phone company was driving me crazy with overbilling and blatant lies from their customer support.  I wanted to dump our landline but that would break our existing security system.

During the discussion with Comcast, they discovered that we could move up to the Triple Play and still save us about $15 from our current bill (HD-DRV rentals are expensive!)  So we had our service upgraded in February.  And other than a couple of quickly-resolved network issues, the new services have been very stable and problem-free.

Part of the triple play included moving us to Blast Internet.  With their recent speed increase, we are supposed to be getting up to 50 Mbps download.  Yesterday I started having problems with my Skyrim game so I decided to delete the local content and re-download the game from Steam.  During the download I consistently received data at 57 Mbps; the entire 12GB download took less than half-an-hour, which is amazing considering the Summer Sale is going on now.  🙂

Keep up the good work Comcast!  And if you feel the need to lower prices in the near future, I’d be interested!  🙂

Well, I had to try.  *laughs!*

Cool: low flying C-17

Yesterday I was heading into work after lunch and saw a C-17 flying very low overhead.  It had everybody standing outside watching it as it performed its maneuvers.

Low-flying C-17

The full picture can be seen by clicking on the above image; it is a large picture (2560 × 1920) so you might not want to click on it on a mobile device.

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