Chrome: missing context menus

I’ve been having a problem with Google Chrome for quite some time, bad enough that I had switched back to Firefox until Edge is more mature.  The problem is that context menus on extensions and profile switching do not always work.  Also the sign in button on the Settings page for setting up synchronization doesn’t do anything.

I finally found this bug report: Issue 516291 – Dropdowns not drawn/drawn incorrectly

This bug appears to happen only on computers with multiple monitors.  When the Chrome window is on the primary monitor the dialogs work correctly but they fail to appear at all on secondary monitors.

Disabling hardware acceleration in the Advanced Settings does fix the problem for me.  It’s a workaround only but given the fact that this bug was reported in Aug 2015 and it still has not been fixed, it’s a workaround we have to use to get this browser working properly on multi-monitor computers.

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