Star Wars Rebels – Can’t wait for Season 2

I’ve always been a huge Star Wars fan.  And like most fans my age I really didn’t care for the prequels.  I tried to watch the Clone Wars movie but I just couldn’t get into it.  Over time I started liking aspects of the prequels and so I watched a few episodes of the Clone Wars series (up until the episode “Bombad Jedi”, really?)  But for the most part I vastly preferred to spend my time in the Expanded Universe.

And then came Disney…

When Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney I was excited; we’d be getting new movies!  But then it was decided that the old Expanded Universe would be thrown out.  That hurt; there was some great stories in the old EU (or what is now called “Legends”).  I finally decided that I’d have my own “head canon” and preserve the great stories by Zahn, Allston, Stackpole and others (the old alternative universe trope).  And that helped me to look forward to the new stories.

As much as I couldn’t get into the Clone Wars show, I decided on a whim to start watching the new DisneyXD show “Star Wars Rebels”.  I was instantly hooked!  The stories were excellent and felt a lot like the old Star Wars I remembered.  The characters are great with very talented voice actors and there is even a Corellian ship that doesn’t break down all the time (sorry Han…)

In this day of full-season binge watching it was very difficult waiting week-to-week to see the new episodes.  And when season 1 ended on March 2nd it promised to be a very long summer until season 2 started.  We finally saw the first two episodes on June 20th (one two part show, actually) and it was finally announced that new episodes will start on October 14th.

I can’t wait!

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