Goodbye Comcast, hello Metronet!

I was getting really tired of Comcast’s billing games: service was priced high but you can call in every 6-12 months to get on a new promotion.  And it seems like every time we got on a new promotion something broke like losing the NFL Network or other channels.

I have to say that Comcast’s services are great at least where we live.  We rarely had service outages and while the Internet service did slow down at night it wasn’t too noticeable.  We were on the 50Mbps plan but I routinely only got about 25-30Mbps on average.  Imagine my surprise when Comcast suddenly raised it to 105Mbps and didn’t increase our price.  What could be the reason for that generous increase?

A company out of Evansville, IN named Metronet started rolling out fiber service in our area.  We had somebody stop by the house late last year and asked us if we were interested in switching.  We said “yes!  of course!” but had to wait a couple of months before it was available in our neighborhood.

Installers were on-time and professional.  They did a great job setting up all equipment and running the necessary lines inside the house.  Interestingly we got the “whole house dvr”.  The main dvr box is connected via Ethernet and the boxes for the rest of the televisions are connected wirelessly.

We are saving around $50/month and getting the same level of service as we did with Comcast.  Our internet access is actually much better though; we have the 200Mbps plan but I routinely can hit 350Mbps downloading games from Steam or operating system ISOs.

All in all we are very happy with Metronet.

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