Skydrive integration in Windows 8.1

On all of my Windows machines, I install the Skydrive desktop application and configure it to store the files on my data drive.  I have a Backgrounds folder in the Skydrive area where I save any nice wallpapers I find on the net.  I then have all of my Windows machines use that folder as the source for my desktop wallpaper slideshow.  It’s a system that works quite well; images found and saved while on my laptop automatically appear on my desktop as well.

In Windows 8.1, Skydrive is deeply integrated in the operating system so the desktop app is not needed.  However, the way it works in 8.1 appears to be a little different:

  1. By default, 8.1 installs the Skydrive folder in C:UsersUserNameSkyDrive and there does not appear to be any way to change the Skydrive storage location.
  2. I’m also not sure that all files are downloaded initially in bulk during your account setup or if they are downloaded as they are accessed.  I have a program installer stored on my Skydrive folder and it took a bit for it to start running.

In short, having Skydrive baked into Windows is a great feature but they really need to give us back the option to relocate the folder location.  People who are running Windows on an SSD may not want those files to take up the space on the SSD.

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