Linux Mint

I like variety so I thought I’d try a new distro. I decided to try Linux Mint.

  • The pulsating boot screen – looks like the new Windows 7 boot.
  • Slate window decorations with a green background. Nice!
  • Language packs – hope they have Klingon! 🙂
  • Changing resolutions – it defaults to 800×600. Installing the Virtualbox Additions fixed it, even allowing it to resize at fullscreen.
  • The menu – this is the first version of the “new-and-improved” menu (Slab) that I actually like.
  • Terminal – the new “fortune” is cute but takes too much screen space. I swapped “/usr/games/fortune” for the mint-fortune.
  • Updates – out of the box (so to speak) there were 95 updates. Installation was painless and didn’t require a reboot (come on MS, that can’t be that difficult!) Everything even worked after a reboot. 🙂

So far, I’m liking it!

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