Yankees: Got Melk?

What a great game last night!

  • Jeter hits a nice homer
  • Gardner gets an in-the-park home run
  • Melky wins the game with a walk-off single

Nathan intentionally walked Cano to get to Melky for the last out, but Melky hit a nice outfield single to score two runs and win the game. Now, where’s all of the people who were crying “trade Melky” earlier in the season? He’s really turned it around so far and done well for the team — this is his second walk-off of the year (first was the walk-off homer on Apr 22).

On the bad side, Damon getting ejected was pathetic. The calls on both at-bats were definitely off; the first one was over the belt and crossed the batter’s box line — how was that a strike? To be fair, calls were bad for both teams. But why would you toss somebody for arguing calls? Damon never touched the ump and he was ejected very quickly — maybe he hurt the ump’s feelings or something…

Also, we really didn’t look that sharp at the plate, but we never gave up and won it in the ninth. A win is a win — take it anyway you can get it! 🙂

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