Firefox 3.5 Beta4

Since I’m running a Beta OS and since I’ll be reloading my machine within a week (go Win7 RC!), I decided to try the new beta for Firefox. I figure “what can it hurt?” (as long as I have backups, of course!) :)Here’s how I installed it (and fixed a cookie “feature”):

  1. Download the beta installer
  2. Go to Docs-Settings (or UsersYourLoginAppData) and backup your Mozilla directories in both Local and Roaming
  3. Install the new beta in a new location
  4. Start the beta for the first time. It will check your extensions and let you upgrade them if possible and then start running.
  5. CRITICAL: before you shut down the browser, go to Tools-Options-Privacy tab-Clear history when Firefox closes-Settings and uncheck cookies! If you do not do this, all of your saved cookies will be deleted when you shutdown Firefox. You shouldn’t be allowing any-and-all cookies to be stored on your machine anyways; I only allow certain “trusted” websites to store cookies using the Cookie-Safe Lite extension.

Not all extensions are ready for this version. You can use tools to force the extension install, but do so at your own risk. I used Nightly Tester Tools to enable Fire Gestures, GreaseMonkey and Tab Mix Plus and I’ve not see problems yet.

One problem I have noticed is that the Location Bar does not always show the current website address. I haven’t seen any other problems yet. Also, (not surprisingly) there are a few problems with incompatible extensions. Tab Mix Plus apparently does not remember the last selected tab, so closing a tab will show the tab to the left instead.

I should mention that this is an “upgraded” profile, so some of my problems may just be due to the upgrade. However, it’s working pretty well so I don’t feel the need to create a new profile. šŸ™‚

This beta does seem a bit faster than 3.0 so far! šŸ™‚

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