64-Bit Windows

Since I had to reinstall my OS anyways due to my hardware upgrade, I decided to move to the 64-bit version Windows 7. This would allow me to use all of my new memory, not just the 3.2 GB limit imposed by 32-bit Windows.

I used the Public Beta (version 7000), but I’ll be reinstalling the OS again when the RC comes out May 5th. This really won’t take that long; I installed x64 in less than two hours, including Office, Visual Studio and all my necessary programs and updates.

So far, I haven’t seen any major issues, only minor ones:

  • There is no working 64-bit Cisco VPN Client — I have to upgrade to their AnyConnect client and I don’t think I can convince my employers to buy the upgrade just because I got a new home computer! 🙂
  • I had an odd problem with 32-bit program icons pinned on the Taskbar. I installed Firefox and Thunderbird (32-bit so Flash would work) and it installed them in C:Program Files (x86). When these icons were pinned to the Taskbar, the icon image was lost. I tried to fix it but it said that it couldn’t find the file (even though it was there). I solved these problems by uninstalling both programs and reinstalling in an alternate location; this wasn’t too much of an issue since I already have a Programs directory on my Data drive that I want to keep between OS installs.
  • I’m also having a weird issue where my second monitor does not refresh after the UAC Secure Desktop appears; I have to manually refresh the monitor. This is probably a driver issue, since I have two cards (main one PCI-Ex, secondary one PCI). I don’t need UAC that much, so this really isn’t a major issue.

Other than that, it has been very smooth! I really can’t wait for the Win7 RC to come out!

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