64-bit computing in Virtualbox

Since I’ve recently upgraded to a 64-bit capable processor, I’m considering running the 64-bit version of Windows 7.  I’ll probably wait until the RC becomes available (hopefully soon!) and then test the 64-bit version first.  The 32-bit Beta was incredibly stable; I’m hoping the 64-bit version will be as well.In order to test application compatibility, I decided to install the 64-bit Beta in Virtualbox.  The latest Virtualbox will run 64-bit guests in a 32-bit host (as long as your hardware supports it).  In order to get the 64-bit installed, I had to use the following settings:

  • ACPI: Enabled
  • IO APIC: Enabled
  • VT-x/AMD-V: Enabled
  • PAE/NX: Enabled

I also had to set the OS Type to “Windows 7 (64 bit)”.  At that point, I was able to install Win7 x64 normally!

We’ll see how the testing goes next.   🙂

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