The season thus far…

This has been an interesting season so far.

  • CC had a rough start but has played better lately
  • AJ Burnett has been awesome! Nearly had a no-hitter against Tampa Bay.
  • Ditto for Tex!
  • Nady may be out for the year…not good!
  • Swisher has had a great season thus far; he’s really fun to watch. With Nady being out, that should give Swisher more playing time.
  • Wang…well, that has been rough to watch. I’m hoping he can turn it around soon.
  • What’s up with our bullpen? We spent a lot of money on pitchers this year and the bullpen has let us down. Ok, Bruney has pitched pretty well. But today’s game was painful! (gotta love it when the crowd started chanting “we want Swisher!” to pitch!:))
  • Melky has gotten some playing time; hasn’t done too bad.
  • Gardner is still fun to watch. 🙂

I’m hoping that we can figure out our bullpen and Wang can get back to normal soon. This good still be a great season!

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