Good service: MLB?

MLB’s Customer Service is notoriously bad; has a lot of people complaining about overbilling, nobody answering their calls, etc.

I have to change my account for various reasons so I’ve had to call them twice (once in late fall, once last Monday). So far, I’ve got nothing to say about MLB Support except good things. My call was answered immediately by a really nice lady named Melissa (with a great southern accent — made me miss home!) and she was very helpful on fixing my problem. I still need to call again and verify the old account has been deleted, but I do not dread that phone call.

With all of the negative complaints out there, I feel it’s important for me to complement MLB Support. Time will tell if my problem is completely resolved, but so far they’ve treated me well. 🙂

In other news, the new season starts today (woohoo!) but I’m not sure MLB.TV is ready. They’ve moved to a new Flash-based viewer (should now work in Linux!) but the video is very very choppy. There are a ton of people complaining about it on and I’m having the same problems. They’re claiming it’s a problem with our computer not meeting the required specififications (mine does and then some) or a problem with our bandwidth (not! I’m getting 10MB down most times). The problem has something to do with their NextDef plugin. I do believe they are looking into the problem, but because of these issues, I’ll be paying month to month in case they do not get it fixed. I was planning on paying for the whole year up front, but I don’t want to spend $109 on a product that simply isn’t working.

I am hopeful, however; earlier betas worked quite well for me and the picture was excellent. Here’s to hoping they get it resolved soon.

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