30 Clubs in 30 Days?

Much as I love having MLB Network, they’ve really annoyed me this spring. I’ve tried four times now to watch the 30 Clubs in 30 Days episode about the Yankees, and every single time they have shown another team. Every time it listed the Yankees (on both Comcast’s on-screen guide and on MLB Network’s website) and every time it was somebody else (the Tigers, the Mets, etc).

Personally, I don’t think they had a full show on the Yankees; you can watch a clip of the show on their website (a whopping 1 minute, 15 seconds) and since they haven’t aired the full episode (or at least aired it with the correct guide information), I don’t think it really exists. 😉

Way to drop the ball, MLB! With that and the current problems with MLB.TV’s NexDef plugin, you aren’t looking very prepared for the season, and it started tonight. How about working a little harder, mmmkay?

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