Personalized spam?

I’ve been getting a ton of spam addressed from my own account, as if I sent myself a bunch of spam. What kind of brainiac thought this was a good idea? Who says “Hey, here’s a great offer on Viagra! Maybe I’ll buy it from myself!” Does anybody really fall for that? 🙂

It’s actually gotten so bad that I’ve started digitally-signing all of the email I send out. A friend of mine says that I actually sent her a virus; as security-conscious as I am, I highly doubt that. What mostly likely happened was that somebody I know had my email address in their address book and then got a virus/worm that stole their address book, so that those addresses could be used to fake the from header on spam or virus emails.

Now, when people tell me to stop sending them spam, I can simply say “was it signed by me? Did it have a footer discussing digitally-signing email? If not, it wasn’t me!”

I hate spam; I wish spammers could be charged a dime for every spam/virus email sent — that would stop them! Sad thing is that there have been different systems designed to decrease or eliminate spam, but not all ISPs have implemented them. If they would, it would make a difference.

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