KDE 4.2: First thoughts

I finally got KDE 4.2 installed today in ArchLinux, and I still have to say that I am underwhelmed. They’ve changed the default taskbar and titlebar colors to Yet-Another-Blue theme (I actually like the black theme in 4.1) and you still cannot have a background image that spans both monitors in a multi-monitor setup. At least, I couldn’t find any way to do it.

While I was able to change the colors, I was unable to change the window decorations. Regardless of what I chose, it stayed with the default.

And yes, I was sure to delete my .kde* directories before running it. 🙂

So I’m sticking with Gnome. It’s funny how life is; back in the days of KDE 3.5, I couldn’t stand Gnome. Now, it just works better for me than KDE 4.2.

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