HP Printing under .Net 3.5

In deploying a recent project that requires .Net 3.5, the machines tend to run slower and printing to HP printers now takes a very long time. Searching the web found a few instances of the same problem, but I haven’t been able to test the fixes yet.

Apparently, .Net 3.5 updates the universal print drivers unidrv.dll, unidrvui.dll, and unires.dll to newer versions and this is what is causing the print slowdown. Resetting them back to previous versions apparently fixes the problem, but I haven’t been able to test that yet.

Here’s the kicker: the new versions of those files are from Vista SP1 and not XP. You think maybe that’s the problem? 🙂

UPDATE: It appears that going into the printer properties and unchecking the Enable advanced printing features solves the problem. I don’t really know what that setting does; a quick Internet search found that it might be features like watermarks. I dunno… It is working fine without it checked.

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