Win7: Rhapsody

I was able to install Rhapsody in Windows 7 without any problems (surprisingly), but I did encounter a problem authorizing my machine. When I selected the “Authorize Computer” option in the “My Account”, it claimed it needed to restart to install the necessary DRM, but it restarted without authorizing the machine. I was able to go into “Manage my account” and authorize it there, and it appears to work normally.

Still, it has to be run as Administrator (just like in Vista) and it appears to be because of the “Auto Update Helper” app; come on, Rhapsody, when can we expect a true Vista version of the software? There should be no need to run a music app as administrator. I suspect the problem is that the program has to write to the Program Files area, something only the base Administrator can do in Vista (that “feature” bit us in our in-house apps at work). But surely they can release a version that can be installed elsewhere so that the helper app can run as a standard user…now that I think about it, I wonder if it would work if I installed it elsewhere? I don’t really want to try it, since it’s working now. 🙂

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