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I am getting more and more impressed with Windows 7 the more I use the beta. I was able to get my old ATI Remote Wonder to work in Windows 7 quite easily, something that never happened in Vista (but maybe that was the driver I used).

I downloaded the driver from ATI’s website, performed the install and it added a “Wireless Remote Settings” shortcut in Control Panel under Hardware. One of the items in the new control panel app was to tell which key was pressed, and I was impressed to see it capturing the key press event.

I am now able to use the remote to select songs in Munky Music so I know have all the functionality of Tivo’s music app in my program.

Actually, the remote works a little too well; pressing the Power button on the remote causes the machine to go into Sleep Mode, and I have no way of getting the machine back up without doing a hard reboot. So I just avoid that button. 🙂

2 comments on “Win7: ATI Remote

  1. Hi good to here that the remote is working.I’am going to install win 7 tonight and play around a bit.Now for my question what wonder remote do you have RW 1,2 or plus?I ask because the driver you reffering to is for plus.And i have not found anyone else that have got 1 or 2 to work so easy on vista64 or win7 64 as you have.

  2. I hope your Win7 experience is as good as mine has been; the only major bug (other than the installer issue that’s easily fixed) is that the desktop slideshow occassionally just stops working. Other than that, Win7 is running about as fast as my old XP installation did. :)I’m pretty sure I have the 1 version; it came with an old ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon card back around 2000.I just noticed that you’re running 64 bit; that might be the difference. I’m still using 32-bit OS; my processor is an older Pentium 4 and I can’t upgrade unless I replace a lot of things (motherboard, proc, memory, video, etc). It’s still working well, so I’m not going to upgrade soon (much as I might like too! :))

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