Server 2008: Installing Bluetooth Stack

I recently bought a set of bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones for use at work, but they wouldn’t install on my Server 2008 workstation. Microsoft appears to have crippled the Bluetooth stack on servers, but I may have finally got it to work…

First, I found a page that had step-by-step instructions on how to manually install the missing drivers: Manual Instructions. These instructions were for Server 2008 x64 and not x86, but I think they could be modified for 32bit.

Further searching found pre-modified cab files for both 32bit and 64bit Server 2008 at a website — it is not responding, so here’s the Google cache version: 32bit and 64bit cab files. All you have to do is copy the driver files from the cab file, select each Unknown Device, choose Update Driver and point it at the new driver files. You’ll get a “Unknown publisher” warning, but they’ll work if you’ll choose to install them.

Woot! They work! 🙂

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