Bad day for computers! :)

Today was a rough day for computers in our household. My wife spilled water near her laptop (no damage done *whew!*) and my main machine got to where it wouldn’t boot any operating system. I got it back, but not without a lot of effort (even though the problem turned out to be minor).

I was looking for the GIMP source file of my FunkyMunky logo (seen at right) and I think it has been deleted during the NTFS problems I mentioned earlier (thank you XP!) I had an older disk that might have it as a backup but I had to disable my primary SATA drives; that disk wouldn’t boot so I put my SATA drives back in and neither ArchLinux or Vista would boot.

After a lot of testing, I found that my BIOS had the SATA Primary Channel set to Automatic, which I believe defaults it to the primary IDE channel master — which is in use by my main ArchLinux drive. After forcing it to Manual Port 0 and resetting the drive boot order, everything was back to normal. *double whew!*

I’m not sure why it switched, probably the act of switching drives caused it to reset. It could also be my motherboard battery; it is dead — I have to completely reset my BIOS after every power failure. I didn’t fix that problem because I figured it would require replacing the motherboard — I checked it today and it is a simple 2032 battery, and they cost about $1.50 so I’ll be buying one soon! 🙂

All in all, it wasn’t a good computer day. 🙂

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