Merry Christmas from Comcast, part 2

I discovered that Comcast will be giving us the MLB Network (on channel 516), so I made the decision to add a third converter box to our setup. This has been one of the best customer service calls I have had with Comcast, ‘though it was not without its problems.

I’ll be the first to say that I’ve not been a fan of Comcast. I really loved Insight, but it switched to Comcast last year and the transition was not painless. We were fortunate that we didn’t have nearly the problems as other people, but it was annoying to have several rate increases before getting additional services/channels/etc.

I really got steamed every time I heard the “we have more high def that satellite” commercials (and we heard them quite frequently!) Up until a few weeks ago, we had a measly 13 HD channels, compared to my mothers 90+ on DirectTV. As we still can’t get our local/Indy channels on DirectTV, we were stuck with Comcast. So I did not expect the additional box changes to go smoothly or happen without gouging us with more fees.

I couldn’t justify getting a third DVR (at another $15/month) so I decided to stick with the standard digital box (at $7/month). I called Comcast and was told that they would charge an additional $40 for the service call/installation or they could mail me the box for $2. I asked if I could simply go pick the box up at the local office and was surprised to hear “yes” — I had previously been told we couldn’t do that anymore since the main office moved to Kokomo after the transition.

We went to the Lafayette office and picked up the standard box; ironically, she initially tried to give me the HD/DVR by mistake. I took the standard digital box home to set it up and then realized that it didn’t have an HDMI or Component Outputs, so that put a major crimp in my plans.

I called Comcast again to activate the box and talked to the nicest lady I’d ever have fortune to talk to — she looked at our bill and said “you are paying way too much money, let me see what I can do.” Long story short, she dropped our monthly bill $38, making it comparable with DirectTV and that includes the cable modem service. With that lower monthly amount, I could afford the HD/DVR box and solve all of my problems! 😉

We went back to our local office to exchange the boxes; after a decent wait (they were very busy today) we were able to swap the boxes out. They also sold me a decent HDMI cable for $11 — try getting it for that price at Best Buy! Even Walmart sells it for $19, so this was a bargain.

So I now have MLB Network in my office/mancave, along with our HD channels! Woot!

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  1. I never knew where the phrase originally came from; we just picked it up from the DIY Network show (who may be a part of HGTV, I dunno…)My mancave/mantuary is just an extra 9’x10′ room in the house, but I’ve completely taken it over. It’s got all of my AV equipment, my two computers, my guitar and bass equipment, even a couch — I could conceivably live in here, venturing out only for food and drink. I do sleep in here often (dealing with this stupid virus), so the term “man cave” actually fits. :)I like the November Mantuary even if it is the Red Sox! 🙂 I’ve wanted to do a mural of old Yankees Stadium along the back wall here, but that was too expensive for now.

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