Comcast actually gave us more high-def

Comcast finally gave us more high-def channels; we’re now up to 42! Still have a way to go before we catch up to Mom’s 90+ on DirectTV.

Unfortunately, the rep I talked to said we won’t be getting the MLB Network anytime soon; why am I not surprised? UPDATED: We are getting MLB Network; in fact, it’s already on our system. Sweet!

We can’t switch to DirectTV because we still don’t get local channels; every county around us can get the Indy channels, but our local CBS affiliate is somehow blocking all locals in our county. I’ve written to my state Congress reps; a single station should not be able to block all locals. If we could receive the Indy channels, we’d switch today — I was concerned about losing WHMB, but LeSea does have a channel on DirectTV, so that would be fine. Now the only thing keeping us with Comcast is the local channels issue.

As much as I really dislike Comcast, I’ve got to admit that I love their “Bill won’t change” commercial — I don’t know why, but I find that really funny. 🙂

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