Yankees off-season updates

The Yankees have been busy this month. We’ve signed both CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett to help bolster our starting pitching rotation, and it sounds like we are serious about pursuing Mark Teixeira. It also looks like Andy Petitte will be back. But the Moose is gone; Mike announced his retirement in November.

I’m surprised by Sabathia — he wanted to stay in the National League, but I guess the $162 million dollar contract was enough to sway him. 🙂

I’m a bit concerned about Burnett; he has a history of getting injured, but I am hopeful he’ll work out.

With the new additions and Wang and Joba getting healthy, our pitching should do very well next year!

I was afraid Melky was going to be traded to the Brewers, but it looks like that deal has fallen apart. I think Melky is a better player than he showed last year; if you’ll remember, he hit well early in the season and he’s a great outfielder. He is doing well in the Dominican Winter League with a .304 average. So I’m hopeful he’ll be in center field next season. And even if he isn’t, I’ll still wear my “Got Melky?” shirts with pride! 🙂

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