Vista: installing SP1 on wife’s laptop

I was finally able to install SP1 on my wife’s HP laptop this weekend. It disappeared from Windows Update for a while but it reappeared today, so I went ahead and performed the upgrade. Surprisingly, I had no problems during the upgrade itself, even with the updated drivers.

One thing I did notice was that my wife’s account didn’t have access to Aero; it worked fine on my account and the Administrator but not on her account. I finally tracked it down to the color setting in Display Settings — her account was set to 16 bit. I set it to 32 bit color and Aero was available. It’s amazing how simple the fix was. 🙂

Ironically, my wife has spent so much time in Vista Basic that she may not want to use Aero, even if it looks “better”. Change isn’t always a good thing. 😉

UPDATE: Yep, she wanted to stay with Vista Basic! *laughs!*

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