Virtualbox in Linux, MLB.TV

I’ve installed WinXP on Virtualbox (PUEL) version in ArchLinux and it runs so much better than XP on VirtualPC in Vista. I don’t know if that is due to extra overhead of Vista or if Virtualbox is just that much faster. I don’t see much improvement if XP is installed on Virtualbox in Vista, so I suspect that Virtualbox in Linux is just faster on the same hardware.

The really great thing is that I am able to capture USB devices and use them inside Virtualbox. So I was able to install Rhapsody in my Virtualbox/ArchLinux application and get it to work with my Sansa. So that is a great thing; Rhapsody and my Sansa is one of the biggest reasons I need to be in Windows, and if it works virtualized on Linux, so much the better!

Another piece of good news; MLB.TV also works in ArchLinux, at least for the archived games. I do not know whether live games will work as well. Of course, that isn’t that big of a deal (other than the coolness factor) because I have a second computer running WindowsXP that is attached to my widescreen television, so I’ll watch live games that way.

Man, I’m already ready for next baseball season! 🙂

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