Hail to the chief!

So we have a new president; congrats Obama!

I thought McCain’s concession speech was done very well, and Obama’s speech was great. I will be interesting to see how quickly (or if) anything changes when Obama takes office.

I’ve always respected John McCain, but I think he went too far to the right this year trying to get elected — I’m a centrist; both the far left and the far right scares me. 🙂 But I really detested all of the mudslinging that came out of the McCain camp, especially late with the whole “domestic terrorist” fearmongering. Apparently, it didn’t work, as Obama’s margin of victory was quite substantial.

For the first time in six years, I actually find myself somewhat hopeful for the future. Unfortunately, I don’t know how any one man can effectively make change in today’s political climate. Washington is so partisan that I wonder if anything can get accomplished by either party with the other party torpedoing the idea just because it came from the wrong side of the aisle.

Maybe history will prove me wrong. 🙂

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