A great blog post about Decision ’08

There is a great post on the blog Out of Ur about the upcoming US election. It perfectly expresses my feelings on this matter; I’m deeply saddened when good-hearted God-loving people choose to embrace partisan politics over the clear teachings of Christ, gossiping about “the other guy” and sending emails with falsehoods that are easily researched online. Neither major political party has a patent on the truth, and both should be held accountable for blatant falsehoods regardless of our own political leanings.

Here’s my favorite quote from the blog:

Here’s what I want to see: Christians who can speak as eloquently about the good qualities of the candidate that they aren’t supporting as they can about the one they are, and who can speak as candidly about their candidates shortcomings as they do about the other guy’s. Christians who make decisions about whom to vote for based on issues, not rumors. Christians who take a stand and refuse to participate in political gossip and character assassination. — Bob Hyatt

There is also a great line in the fourth comment that I wish everybody understood:

The Kingdom of God is not red or blue. And when Jesus shows up, both parties are going to have some explaining to do. — Drew Hill

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