Workstation 2008 – Initial setup

Many people have reported online about how Windows Server 2008 can be configured as a workstation; it is claimed that this configuration is how Vista Enterprise should have been released.

I have installed this operating system and I have to agree; it seems much snappier than my Vista install.

Here’s how I installed it…

  1. Install Server 2008 from the dvd.
  2. Download the Workstation Configuration utility from and use it to make the following changes:
    1. Set Owner/Organization if desired
    2. Enable Windows Audio
    3. Optimize CPU performance for programs
    4. Install .NET Framework 3.0
    5. Install Desktop Experience if desired
    6. Enable themes service if desired
    7. Install Vista Sidebar if desired
    8. Install windows vista aero cursors
    9. Disable ctrl+alt+del at Windows startup (only on personal machines)
    10. Disable Shutdown Event Tracker
  3. Increase the multimedia priority via regedit: change HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionMultimediaSystemProfileSystemResponsiveness to dword:00000014
  4. Install other programs (Office, Visual Studio, antivirus, etc)

The only problems I’ve found is that some software will not install on server-class operating systems. Antivirus is a good example; I’m having to run McAfee at the moment.

But other than that, it is working beautifully. I’ve even been able to run most of my games, and oddly enough, they run better in 2008 than Vista.

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