Metallica’s new album

I was all prepared to hate the new album Death Magnetic; St Anger was such a disappointment that I couldn’t imagine them recovering from it.

I was hopeful (but skeptical) of the reports that the new album would be a “getting back to their roots” album, a cross between Master of Puppets and …And Justice for All. I really would love to hear that album, but it still doesn’t exist…

The real miracle (to me) is that I don’t hate DM. I still think some of the riffs are weak — nothing really makes me want to pick up my guitar — but the album as a whole is growing on me. I’m really getting to like That was just your life and Unforgiven III is pretty decent. I’ll just have to wait and see how much the album grows on me.

But man, I really miss songs like Damage Inc and Harvester of Sorrow.

Update 09/26/08: I’m really getting to like some of the songs on this album. I’ve been listening to it for a few days and it’s beginning to grow on me. Ironically, I really disliked Broken, Beat & Scarred initially — there wasn’t much of an opening riff and the lyrics were overly repetitive. But after listening to it several times, this may be my favorite song on the album. “Rise, fall down, rise again!”indeed!

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