I’m talkin’ ’bout the funk!

Why Funky Munky?

The answer starts way back in the early ’70s. I had a stuffed monkey (one of the yellow and black ones with the banana) that I started calling funky munky — my spelling wasn’t the best back then (or now). 🙂

That little guy went everywhere with me. Unfortunately, he started losing the stuffing in is head after several years, but I quickly found out that I could make him talk using my fingers through the back of his empy head (we were — and are — a lot alike in that respect.)

I lost him in ’78 went we moved from Sullivan IN to Benton KY, but the Munky name lives on as my nickname. I started creating CD copies of my family’s music and decided to create a “label” that would produce the CDs — in honor of my absent pal, I decided to call it FunkyMunky Records and the legacy lives on. 🙂

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